Mark Hutley image

Mark Hutley

Managing Director

Donn K Cantwell image

Donn K Cantwell

Director & Divisional Director - Non-Marine

Margarita Hutley image

Margarita Hutley


Divisional Directors

Andrew Clowes image

Andrew Clowes

Divisional Director

David Partner image

David Partner

Divisional Director

Ian Duff image

Ian Duff

Divisional Director

John Grant image

John Grant

Divisional Director - Specialty Lines

Nigel Williams image

Nigel Williams

Divisional Director - Delegated Authorities

Paul Bumpstead image

Paul Bumpstead

Divisional Director

Paul Burling image

Paul Burling

Divisional Director - Aviation

Richard Symes image

Richard Symes

Divisional Director - Specialty Lines

Simon Wootton image

Simon Wootton

Divisional Director

Steven Ahern image

Steven Ahern

Divisional Director


James Ahern image

James Ahern

Broker - Delegated Authorities

James Cater image

James Cater


Julie Baker image

Julie Baker

Broker - Non Marine

Lauren Roche image

Lauren Roche

Broker - Non-Marine

Mike McDonach image

Mike McDonach

Broker - Aviation

Nicholas Trapero Tweedie image

Nicholas Trapero Tweedie

Broker - Surety, Livestock and Accident and Health

Rob Lane image

Rob Lane

Senior Broker - Non-Marine

Robert Jones image

Robert Jones

Junior Liability Broker


 Jessica  Hope Dean image

Jessica Hope Dean

HR and Operations Supervisor

Astrid Burns image

Astrid Burns

Accounts Supervisor

Barry Holmes image

Barry Holmes

Compliance Officer

Vicky Ely image

Vicky Ely

Manager, Broker and Claims Technical Support


Adam Wright image

Adam Wright

Compliance Officer

Charlotte Smith image

Charlotte Smith

DUA Team Leader

Charlotte Watts image

Charlotte Watts

IBA Accountant

Eddie Hutchinson image

Eddie Hutchinson

Broker Support - Specialty Lines

James Pearman image

James Pearman

IT Engineer

Jemma Holt image

Jemma Holt

Junior Broker & Claims Technical Support

Kajal Darji image

Kajal Darji

Junior Broker & Technician

Kyle Patel image

Kyle Patel

Accounts Team

Naman Suri image

Naman Suri

SharePoint Developer

Natalie Keen image

Natalie Keen

Claims Technician

Omer-Dean Taric image

Omer-Dean Taric

Management Accountant

Sarah Bryant image

Sarah Bryant

Team PA

Shanice Barry-Cox image

Shanice Barry-Cox

Accounts Assistant

Syeda Moinuddin image

Syeda Moinuddin

Accounts Supervisor