Personal accident and health insurance cover for personal injury, disability and death.
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  Personal Accident and Health Insurance

Personal accident and health insurance cover can be tailored to meet your exact needs for protection against the costs associated with injury, illness, disability and death. The injury, illness or death of a key member of staff of a business or sports team can have catastrophic and often far reaching effects against which it is important to insure adequately.

Our insurance advisers have considerable experience of this type of insurance and have well established connections with the most respected underwriters and insurance providers to ensure you secure the right level of insurance cover at a competitive premium.

Key Insurance cover is available for –

Credit Card Liability
Up to one million USD liability cover depending on the card type

General Medical Expenses and Healthcare
Bespoke re/insurance solutions for Groups

Group Personal Travel and Occupational Sickness
Accidental death and disablement tailored to suit including business travel accidents and war risks cover

High Limit Death and Disablement / Keyman Insurance
Insurance cover to deal with sudden incapacitating illness or injury, accidental death, total disability and temporary total disability

Large Accumulation Risks
Providing insurance protection against high exposure to accumulation risks such as company conferences, travelling sports teams, board of directors corporate jet expenses and similar high cost risks

Professional Sports Disability Insurance
Giving insurance cover based on contractual or asset value for accidental death, permanent disability and temporary disability for sport individuals or teams

Travel Insurance Programmes
Offering insurance to wholesale or retail groups US Medical Stop Loss - To provide self insure medical insurance programmes to protect against higher than expected claims

Ships Crew Personal Accident
To cover accidental death, permanent disability, temporary total disability and life

Group Catastrophe Cover
Accidental death insurance for the protection of the trustees of pension funds in the UK

  Blink Intermediary Solutions is a UK division of Iris Insurance Brokers Limited.